Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Favorite Things Design Team Creative Chat

It's time for the MFT Creative Chat. The My Favorite Things Design Team Creative Chat is a monthly feature, where we are challenged to explore our creative spaces and share valuable organizational methods, tools, and shopping strategies with you. You'll be able to peek into our creative spaces, ask questions, and share your own ideas in the MFT forum

 This month, we were asked the following questions:  

How do you store and organize your card stock?   
How do you store your scrap card stock? 
Visit Kim's Blog for a full list of designers that have taken up the challenge and get ready to delve into the minds of our creative team!

OK, are you ready for a little tour through my card stock storage? Nothing too out of the ordinary here--I already had these two two drawer filing cabinets when I set up my Girl Cave. I set them side by side and put laminate shelving on top. It's the same height as my other tables in the room so it gives me an almost seamless stretch of work space around two sides of the room. These cabinets hold all of my Stampin' Up! card stock (except some retired packs that I have stashed away in a box in a closet).

Here you can see I have each color in a hanging file folder, bought at Office Max. I got the least expensive utilitarian style--I figured I'm the only one that's gonna see them, right? I bought all the color labels online when I first set them up, but recently I've just labeled them myself. This drawer has all of my In Colors...

...except for the last five which wouldn't fit ;-) I've put them in front of my neutrals and specialty papers in this drawer for now. 

The other two drawers hold the color families.

Obviously I was almost out of space when I started collecting MFT paper ;-) So, I bought some of these one drawer filing cabinets at Office Max for it. I cut the labels from card stock with my Stampin' UP! Word Window punch and added computer-generated names. I have this in alphabetical order.

I have all of my PTI card stock in identical file drawers. This is labeled the same and is arranged according to release. As you can see, they're all getting full. Fear not, I have another drawer like this standing empty. I knew if I didn't buy it when I got the rest, they'll discontinue them and I wouldn't have a matching line of them under the shelves ;-)

Here's how I store my scraps. I'm using two sets of Sterlite drawers for my Stampin' Up! scraps and it's sorted according to color: whites/black/grays; cream/Kraft,/browns; reds/oranges/yellows; pinks/purples; blues; greens.

I have a similar setup for my MFT scraps, just smaller.

Here's a little file box that I love. I make mostly A2 cards, so when I need a mat and I cut a sheet into quarters, I file all the unused quarters in this photo box that I picked up at Wal*Mart for less than $5. The dividers came from Office Depot and I made the labels for them using card stock and my SU! Round Tab punch. If I don't have a scrap of a color I need, I can dip into this and pull out a quarter to use and I don't have to go into my larger file drawers for a half or quarter sheet--I find it so handy to have. Anything smaller than A2 goes into my scrap drawers. This box holds my SU! and PTI A2 size pieces of card stock.

I have a smaller box for my MFT card stock but it's done exactly the same way.

In the back of my MFT box, I have card bases stored. When I cut a sheet in half for a card base, I go ahead right then and score and fold the other half and stick it in the back of the box. That way I have extras at hand and can just grab what I need. These two boxes are always at hand on my table.

OK, that's it for me today! Hope you've enjoyed your tour of my card stock organization and maybe picked up an idea that might help you in taming your card stock. I can't wait to see what the rest of the design team has to show us--I'm always in the market for a good idea for organizing my stamping supplies.

Thanks so much for stopping by! See you tomorrow for the first October teaser!!


  1. Barbara, this looks great to me! Love your scrap storage, too. Totally functional!

  2. fun to peek into your stamp room to see your storage system for your cardstock

  3. Great ideas, Barbara!! Love the boxes with the ready cut pieces.

  4. Wow, girl. You are organized! Thank you for sharing this. I'm inspired to tackle my paper piles!

  5. Love all the storages ideas, those hang-maps are definitely a must have!

  6. Wow!! Love the little mini's holding the smaller scrap! Great ideas!

  7. oooo! Bar....love this, especially how you store your quarters....that is brilliant!

  8. Very nice, Barbara! I really like how you score and store the unused piece of card base after cutting the sheet. I should start doing that as well.

  9. Lovely and I love your tip re: when you cut a card base you store the other half at the back of the little container - I must do that!

  10. Very cool idea for filing quarters! Love that idea!

  11. I love the smaller boxes. SO cute. You sure have lots of card stock. :)

  12. Great ideas Barbara, especially love how you store the scored cards and the quarters!


  13. I am in awe! So need to do something like this.

  14. What a fantastic idea! So organized. I need someone to show me a great way to do this for 12x12 paper! It's a little harder to fit anywhere! :)

  15. I think I will borrow your suggestion to just go ahead and score the other half of paper for A2 cards and then I just need to find place for filing!''


  16. Hi! What size is A2?? In cm please!���� Best regards Ulrika from Sweden

  17. Love this idea! Can you share the size of the file box and dividers you purchased to file your A2 cardstock. (The Walmart and Office Depot buys).


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