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5 Days To An Organized Craft Stash–Day Three: Die-namics


Hi, everyone, welcome to Day 3 of MFT’s 5 Days To An Organized Craft Stash feature. Check out the MFT Blog to see what designers are participating today and how you can win this prize package—there’s a different one every day so don’t miss a single chance to win some MFT goodness!


Before I show you what I’ve done to organize and store my large collection of Die-namics, let me show you my old system. I LOVED this system because everything was out where I could see it. I knew where everything was and I could just go pluck it off the magnetic sheet and get to work.


Any die set with lots of little pieces had to be corralled in some manner so they wouldn’t get lost: I chose small bags taped to the magnets. Not the most elegant method, but it worked.


And Blueprints and Cover-Ups took up a lot of real estate, so this is how I was storing my Blueprints. Shameful, right? *Hangs head.*


However, MFT’s line of Die-namics has grown so much that I outgrew this system, even though I had double the amount of magnetic sheeting that you see in the first photo. So, something had to be done. Like most of the stamping world, I saw Jennifer McGuire’s video on die storage and felt it would work for me so I made the leap.

I’m now organizing my Die-namics similarly to how I’m organizing my stamp sets—in THESE pockets from MFT. Once I got everything in pockets, I needed a place to put them, so I’m using an InterDesign Storage Bin, also like the ones I’m using for my stamps.


I cut inexpensive white card stock to fit inside and labeled each pocket, roughly following the categories in the MFT Boutique


Border dies went into the larger pockets and I often stored similar dies together to save space and pockets.


Here’s my label maker—it’s an older model but does the job just fine so I saw no need to upgrade. It uses THIS tape. However, a label maker is not necessary at all. MFT has a downloadable file that you can print on your printer using stock labels for every MFT stamp set, Die-namics, and stencil available. How awesome is that!! You can find them HERE in the resources section at the MFT Blog.


I still had all that magnetic sheeting and it seemed a shame to take it down. So, I’m now storing my Blueprints and Cover-Ups on them. They are pretty heavy and would take up a lot of space in my new system so this is a good compromise, I think. And my Blueprints are so happy to be out of that box, neatly arranged where they belong! ;-) When I fill up these magnets, I’ll move to the others.


There are a few dies that won’t fit even into the larger pockets, so I’m storing them on the magnetic sheets, just around the corner from the Blueprints.


Dies that have companion stamps are stored with the stamps in a pocket.


My dividers are made from these Pendaflex heavy weight file guides that I purchased at Office Max. I thought about using card stock but I knew whatever I chose would see lots of use so I went with something sturdier.


I wanted to use an existing cabinet in my stamp room and I wanted to get the most out of my space possible so my plan was to put two of the bins side by side. I also wanted to be able to pull them out easily to access what I needed. My handy dandy DH added drawer rails and another shelf for me so I can just pull them out and flip through them all. Here it is pushed in…


…and pulled out, here.


Of course, the rails took up just enough room that two bins wouldn’t fit so I simply added a “spacer” layer of wood shelving that raises them up enough to clear the rails :) A piece of shelf liner keeps them from sliding off the shelf when I pull it out. 

I am really enjoying my new system—everything is compact and neat as a pin, all little pieces are contained in a pocket and can’t get knocked off and lost, something that did happen once, and coordinating stamps and dies are stored together, which saves time. I do miss my old system, but since that was not a viable option long term, I’m very happy with my new one.

Thanks so much for stopping by today! I hope I’ve given you some things to think about when organizing YOUR Die-namics!

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  1. I've thought it before, but I'm not sure I've said it: I want to come play with you in craft room, Barbara! And can I borrow your DH? I need a handy guy who understands stamping to come brainstorm how to fit all of my stuff into half the space I used to have!

  2. wow, you have some dies! I love how you had them on the doors, so you could see every thing.

  3. What a differce that made..... I redid my dies this past year too. I went with the way Jennifer McGuire’s did her's....Love them!!!!!!

  4. I love that you have some of them on doors- easy access! Its incredible that all the dies you took off your door and had in the container fit in that one small pull out shelf- what a space saver!

  5. Now that is a fine collections Barb! Love the idea of having them all out, but I don't hardly have any wall surface... and no doors. Listen girl... you are welcome to send me some of these any time! You know... just to make room for the new ones. :)

  6. love those pull out drawers your DH made for you - and really like the pocket organization idea.

  7. I'm so happy to see the articles this week. I'm getting the craft room closet enlarged and hope to be more organized in the future. I love the idea of the magnets on the door. Could you please tell me where you got those big matnet pieces. I will only have the door to the room (no doors on the closet) but this would be a big help in keeping tract of what I have. thanks.

  8. Barb, I love your magnet wall, however I have no wall space so like many I started by using the binders with magnet vent sheets and now am going the Jennifer way. I love the way you raised the shelf, that is so cleaver. Thanks for that tip. You girls all rock.

  9. Wonderful organization!!! I am beginning this journey but am concerned about putting the stamps and dies in one storage pocket, then having all of those in line in a category. Is there no danger of the weight of the dies leaning back putting impressions or cuts into the stamps? I have put off organizing for awhile now because of this concern. I want the stamps and dies together that make a set but I don't want to damage my stamps. Thanks in advance for your reply.

  10. Stupendous storage for your dies. Great job.

  11. Wow...your wall of dies was really a sight to behold! I'm glad you've been able to combine your old method with your new one! Maybe your blueprints will get more love now! =)

  12. It seems like every January I think about organizing my craft room. And then it gets so overwhelming that it's worse then when I started. You are making this "do-able" and I so appreciate it.

  13. I love how you use the pockets and bins for storing dies, but your "wall" of dies is amazing!!!!

  14. I really love your systems. My dies need a clean up!

  15. Your new system is great and is consistent to how you store the other supplies you have shared with us this week.

  16. Barbara, wow, I am sure it was a monumental task to put all your dies in the pockets. But, I looks awesome. Love how you have the blueprints out. They are so fun to use. Thanks for sharing.

  17. boy would I like just one day to play in your die collection - WOW! I love the pockets, thank you all for sharing these greta ideas!

  18. Barb, I like that you are using the refrigerator bins, I just need to get my labeling and dividers done; I don't think I could have kept up with your walls! The slimmed down version I could probably handle though.

  19. Oh your older version as much as the newer version...I need to see it to use it and this is great!

  20. You and I must have been sisters in another life as mine are all on magnetic strips as well....but they are fill so I have moved some of mine to the basket ideas.

  21. I've seen that wall of doors IRL...amazing and perfect!!


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