Friday, May 18, 2018

Organizing Crafty Stash Day 3—Die-namics

Hello, welcome back to Day Three of MFT’s Organizing Crafty Stash series. Today we’re talking about Die-namics storage.

All of my Die-namics that coordinate with a stamp set are stored with the stamp set in the back of the pouch—this only makes sense to me. If there is more than one piece it’s stored on magnets to decrease the chance of loosing a piece.


Other Die-namics are stored in the same kind of bins that I used for stamps and are organized by type, i.e., Nature, STAX, Sentiments, etc. I store my Die-namics in the same kind of pouches in which I store my stamps. I started using CD sleeves before MFT started carrying that size so I have some of both, then for the larger die sets I use the next size up.


This shelf also slides out so I can see everything in the bins.


Again, any set with multiple pieces, especially if they are small pieces, is stored on magnets in the sleeve/pouch.


Any extra die cuts I might have are stored in the back of the pouch—storing in the front with the die blade up can damage the die cut so they go in the back. When I pull out a die I always look to see if there are any extras and use them if they will work on the project I’m working on.


Finally, if you saw my very first die storage system you saw these doors. I got to the point they were overflowing so that’s when I went to the pouch system. I still love that everything is visible at a glance so I now just use them for Blueprints and Cover-Ups. And my A2 Rectangles that I want handy at all times.


And there you have my Die-namics storage system. As with my stamps, it’s nice to have everything in the bins and in alphabetical order—it’s a lot of work to set up at the beginning but it absolutely saves time when creating. I have a rule that the first thing I do when I get new product is to sit down and package it so everything is always up to date.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you’ve gotten an idea or two that you can use in your crafting space. See you back tomorrow for more organizing ideas!



  1. Your storage system for stamps and dies is very efficient and easy to use! I need to convert all mine to the fridge bins - plastic shoe boxes waste too much space. Thanks so much for taking the time to show us what you do.


Thank you for your kind comments--they make my day and I appreciate every one!