Saturday, May 19, 2018

Organizing Your Crafty Stash Day 4–Card Stock, Patterned Paper, and Felt

Hello and welcome back for Day 4 of MFT’s organization series. Today we’re focusing on card stock, patterned paper, and felt. These items can get a little overwhelming sometimes, so it’s really helpful to have them organized and contained so you don’t waste time searching for what you need.

First up, card stock. I store all my card stocks in vertical files. Most things I like out in the open so I can see what I’ve got but not card stock. I want it protected from light and dust so I use a filing cabinet. I used to use a regular filing cabinet but I finally got tired of skinned knuckles and not being able to get to the very back so I invested in these vertical filing cabinets.

This drawer holds about half of my MFT card stock with watercolor paper, clear acetate, and Copic paper at the far end. There’s room at the side for extra packs. See how far it opens? No problem at all getting to anything I want.


This one holds more extras (no, I don’t EVER want to run out of card stock, LOL!) and some miscellaneous card stock that I use when I need to make templates, etc.


This one holds the rest of my MFT card stock plus all the metallics: sparkle & shine, along with the wood adhesive backed sheets. And more extras ;-)


I love this little file box that I keep handy near my desk. In it are A2 size panels of all MFT card stocks. When I cut a new sheet up for a project, the rest of it goes in here so if I need less than a sheet for anything I pull one of these out and don't have to go to the filing cabinet.


My patterned paper is kept in another Fridge Binz container in labeled sleeves. Scraps are inside the pad and the pads are in alphabetical order. Duplicate pads are in a box to the left. This container holds 30 pads comfortably.


I put them in the sleeves upside down because almost all of my pads come apart at the binding after I pull out several sheets. This keeps the binding at the bottom so it’s easier to get to remaining sheets in the pad—sometimes I don’t ever have to take them out of the sleeve ;-)


I print off the color chart from the MFT blog and tape it to the back of each pad for a handy reference of the colors included in each pad. This is really helpful to me—I resisted for a long while and spent way too much time online looking up what colors were used with which papers. This is such a time saver that it’s well worth the ink!


I store my felt in a Sterlite drawer container according to color. I leave them in the original packaging. The name is on the package so I don’t feel a need to re-lable—why reinvent the wheel if it works, right?





And that’s it for my organizational tips on card stock, patterned paper, and felt. I hope you’ve found at least a little something helpful today.

Thanks so much for stopping by—see you back tomorrow for the final day of MFT’s Organizing Your Crafty Stash feature.



  1. I was able to find good information from your blog posts.

  2. What size of pouch do you use for the 6x6 pattern paper?

    1. Hi, I use these pouches:

      They are 6 3/4" wide and I trim them down to 6 3/4" tall. HTH!!

  3. Oh my goodness I’m FINALLY on the right track with something! I just bought a two drawer lateral filing cabinet. I don’t have as much paper sense I’m not on a DT but it looks like I might be able to store other items with my paper. Thanks for all the useful information Barbara!


Thank you for your kind comments--they make my day and I appreciate every one!