Monday, September 29, 2014

Inspired by…

Hi, everyone! You may have seen the Creative/Inspirational blog hop that’s been happening in blog land for the last month or so. Well, imagine my surprise when I got an email from my friend and MFT teammate, Michele Boyer, nominating ME as someone who inspires HER! Wowzas!! Seriously??? I can’t tell you how honored I was to be one of her choices! Anyone who knows Michele’s work knows she is crazy talented—she’s a Copic whiz  kid and her design details are legend. I’ve had the extreme pleasure of meeting her in person twice—she’s also crazy funny and a joy to be around. Be sure to stop by her blog, Paper Cuts and check out her awesome designs!


You can find Michele’s Inspiration post HERE.

Along with this honor, Michele asked that I answer a few questions and share some other artists who inspire ME!

1.  What am I working on?  I’m so very fortunate to be a member of the My Favorite Things design team, along with several challenge teams: Color Throwdown, Crazy 4 Challenges, Sweet Sunday Sketch Challenge, and Catered Crop Recipe Swap, so you’ll find me usually working on a project for one of them. I try to work ahead as much as possible because last-minute pressure is something I can do without! 

2.  How does my work differ from others of its genre? I’m not sure my work really has a genre—I love it all and love to design in many styles—CAS, tailored, shabby chic, you name it, I love it and love to create it and am constantly inspired by many other designers. So, from that standpoint, I guess my work doesn’t really differ from anyone else who designs in those genres.

3.  Why do I create what I do? I love to create and always have in some form or another. Needlework, garden design, interior design, it’s all a form or creating and I’ve always loved doing it. Now my focus is paper crafting and, first and foremost, it allows me to express myself creatively, but it’s also a great stress reliever. When I’m in my craft room playing/working the rest of the world and it’s problems go away :)   

4.  How does your creative process work? Sometimes I will see a stamp set or die and immediately an idea comes to mind. Sometimes I have to sit and ponder before I get a nugget of an idea and then I run with it, although sometimes the finished design doesn’t end up being anything like my first thoughts! I often get inspiration from magazines, sketches, other designers, and, of course, Pinterest ;-)

Now I get to share a couple of artists who inspire ME!

Jodi Collins – Stamping a Latte

Jodi constantly inspires me. Her work is fresh and clean and every little detail is perfection. She hits every card out of the park and her color combinations just WOW me! I had the distinct pleasure of teaching with her at MFT’s 2014 Retreat and, it’s like you often hear—we knew each other online, but as soon as we met in person it was like we’d been lifelong friends! She’s sweet, she’s kind, she’s funny, and happily, a little snarky so we hit it off just splendidly!

Vickie Zimmer – Smitten

Vickie inspires me with the way her designs always have unexpected elements that make me just shake my head, wondering why *I* didn’t think of them! She is also a ton of fun—quiet at first, but soon cracking jokes like crazy. A bunch of the Color Throwdown team met up last Spring at my house for a weekend of fun and Vickie was one of the attendees—she is sweet and thoughtful and I’m proud to call her friend. She makes a mean Chex mix, too!

Thanks for inspiring me ladies—you both make ME a better paper crafter, and for that I thank you! And thanks to you, my readers, for allowing me to introduce these two amazing artists to you. Be sure to check out their blogs—I know you’ll agree with me.


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  1. I am RIDICULOUSLY honored that you chose me as someone that inspires you. I love you like crazy and I miss you like crazy! XOXO


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